Home Selling Mistake Number 1

Listen to your real estate agent before listing your home to avoid common home selling mistakes! They are experienced and knowledgeable about the real estate market in your area and will help tremendously in determining the outcome of your home sale. This can make a difference as to whether you sell your home fast and for top dollar, all while reducing your stress. So here is mistake number 1 to avoid:

You tell your real estate agent the price you want to sell your home for and even though your home will be overpriced, the agent agrees.  Why would you hire an agent and pay a commission for their expertise if you are going to tell them how do to their job, including how to price your home? This is called, "buying a listing" which many new agents and agents who desperately need a sale tend to do this even though they know your home will not sell at that price. Then they wait a few weeks and recommend a price reduction because no one is looking at your home and it is not selling.  This pretty much holds true as being in the business for over 30 years, usually the first offer is the highest and best offer.  The longer your home is on the market the lower the price you are going to receive. 

Look forward to my next blog regarding Mistake #2 on Selling your Home!