So, you decided it is time to consider purchasing a home or moving up to a larger home, what is the first thing you should do?  Get pre-qualified with a lender so that you do not start out looking at homes and you find your dream house and then you find out you do not qualify for that home! How disappointed would you be?

The possibility of interest rates increasing over the next few years and new rules on mortgage interest deductions may also affect how much a buyer needs for a down payment. The median down payment for financed home purchases in the 3rd quarter of 2017 was a record $20,000 according to Irvine, California based housing research firm-Attom Data Solutions. 

With inventory of homes relatively low these days, you have to know what you can offer and the highest offer you can go when competing for the home you want.  Be prepared that you may have to make offers on quite a few homes before getting one accepted.  This is why you need to make sure and hire an experienced, honest and ethical agent who can look out for our best interest. 

Thinking of selling your home or investment and are you considering a "discount" broker? Consider what they offer and compare it to the "full" broker who handles one of the most important financial decisions of your life from beginning to the very end. The full broker shows up to show your home, protect your home, meet the inspectors, appraisers and most importantly they do everything they can to protect you from many issues that can arise during the closing process. 

Everyone thinks that being a real estate agent is easy and they just collect their commissions, but until you have tried it and been through so many issues that come up each day that agents resolve and a lot of the time the buyer/seller does not even know, because that is our job and that is what we do!