GARY BOYER, Broker-Owner
DRE #01112549

Phone:   626.484.0409


Born in Circleville, Ohio in 1956, my family moved to Lancaster, Ohio when I was 3 years old. The Restaurant Business was my fathers first love. When he passed away I was only 5. My mother kept the Family Business alive until she remarried and my Step Father picked up where my dad left off and I followed in both of my dads footsteps and opened my 1st Boyer’s Restaurant at age 18. I started my interest in Real Estate early when I became the first 18 year old in the State of Ohio to own a home. 18 year olds just became legal adults with the right to own Real Estate the year I turned 18. That’s also the same year I married my High School Sweetheart, Kathy Gillooly.

In order to start investing in Real Estate, I got my Real Estate License in Ohio in 1977. Fortunately for me and my family, we moved to California in 1978 after the blizzard of the winter of 1977 that virtually shut down the state for about 6 weeks.

Moving to California was a real eye opener for a Hillbilly from Ohio, but we seemed to fit in relatively quickly. I had to put Real Estate on the back burner and got back into the restaurant business right away in order to make ends meet, but Kathy had the Real Estate bug and started in the loan business immediately. We both became licensed in 1982, she to pursue her career and I got my license just to keep her company and to start up again investing in income property.

Over the next 16 years, Kathy pursued and accelerated in her Mortgage Career while I slaved away in the Food Service Business in both Management and Sales. While working in Food Service, my heart was always in Real Estate as we pursued a variety of Real Estate Investments, some very profitable, some questionable, but each was a learning experience.

In 1998 I decided it was time for me to make the jump to Real Estate and start putting all of my effort into something I loved to do all along. It turned out to be the second best decision I made in my life (next to marrying Kathy). I spent 6 years as a partner at Hill Top Real Estate, but when my youngest son Daniel graduated from UC Santa Barbara and decided he wanted to get into Real Estate right out of college, we needed room to grow. We purchased Southland Properties in April of 2005 and it has turned out to be the 3rd best decision I made in my life.

The special thing about moving into Real estate as a career is that has made it possible for me to concentrate my business efforts locally in a community that I love and gives me the opportunity to be close to my sons and grand kids, Travis, Karrie & Jacob and Daniel, Lori, Tessa & Derek.

Since purchasing Southland and going to work with the best and most knowledgeable Realtors in the business, our business has grown substantially. Southland and our agents have always had a special relationship as everyone works together in the best interest of our clients no matter whose client we’re helping. With Kathy now working with me at Southland and my son Daniel being my business partner, Southland has literally become a “Family Business”.

While I personally decided to get involved in Local Politics by becoming a Glendora City Council Member in 2015, it hasn’t affected my ability to service our clients. Any disruptions I may have had as a Council Person as to my availability of time have been made up by Kathy & Daniel picking up part of my workload. Southland Properties Business has grown even more under their leadership.

Southland Properties is one of the most productive offices in the San Gabriel Valley. While the Real Estate Market seemed to be collapsing around us as other offices were closing or cutting back and losing agents, Southland Properties continued to thrive. While in business since 1987 Southland Properties has broken sales records every year since 2006 with the exception of 2011 when we saw a slight downturn while the rest of the Real Estate Market was dropping by double digits between 2007 to 2012. While the Real Estate Crash finally caught up with us in 2011, we recovered and continued to break records as we continued to be the top office in the area being the #1 office in units sold for Glendora & Azusa every year since 2013.


 It takes a special group of professionals to set sales records as other businesses are struggling. Call us to find out why.